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12 Quotable Book Excerpts for Wedding Toasts

While everyone is enjoying the food prepared by the betrothed couple's chosen wedding catering services, it's only natural that a few people would want to make a speech in honor of the newlyweds. For those who are unable to find just the right words to express their feelings or to describe the couple, do not fret; lucky for us, plenty of amazing authors have bestowed upon us several of the most romantic things we'll ever hear in ou lifetime.  Continue Reading

We Capricorns are the embodiment of balance, stability, and wisdom. We’re a sensitive and sensible people, and we feel secure and at home in our own environment. Though we don’t make impulsive decisions like suddenly changing Manila catering services or making last-minute adjustments to our wedding outfits, we can sometimes be aggressive in getting the things we want.

As with everyone, our positive traits go hand-in-hand with our negative ones; you can’t have one without the other. In order to help you understand, here are a few of our positive and negative traits.

Positive Traits


Like our buddies the Scorpios, Goats are constantly reaching for the stars. We possess the self-confidence as well as the drive to achieve our big goals in life. We want to have secure futures not only for ourselves but also for the people we love most.


As mentioned above, we’re not impulsive by nature. In other words, we prefer a cautious and stable approach on life, making sure to not make risks as much as we can that might upset ours and others’ lives.


Being ambitious and cautious also made us disciplined; that being said, we highly value people who are equally so. We don’t take important matters lightly, using every knowledge, skill and experience we have to solve problems and achieve a situation where everyone wins.


We almost always pick what’s practical, period! We make decisions using our inborn intelligence and logic, considering all the details and possibilities with all its respective pros and cons.


Not to boast, but Capricorns tend to be wise and mature beyond our years. We don’t get easily swayed by outlandish fantasies, choosing instead to think about things more sensible. That’s why most of our friends seek our advice often and have faith in our judgement.

Negative Traits


However, Capricorns don’t like to get too close to people, so we keep a safe distance, far enough that we can observe people without quickly becoming emotionally attached.


Despite being sensible and stable, we also tend to have mood swings. One day we’re jolly and happy-go-lucky and the next day we’re gloomy and grumpy. There are even times when our lack of emotional constancy can ruin things for ourselves and for others, souring our friendships with people. Sorry!


Our cautious and practical approach on life can make us pessimistic, too, especially in situations where the odds are stacked against us. Despite our ambitiousness and discipline, we suffer from a huge case of inferiority complex, labelling ourselves under-achievers in various aspects of life, including romance and career.


Hopefully not to a point of narcissism, but Capricorns are pretty focused on ourselves. We’re the Prima Donnas of our own little universe after all! This preoccupation with ourselves tends to push people away from us since they view us as selfish beings.


Lastly, we’re the shy-type kind of guys, even if we’re good communicators. We Goats can really take our time before we can open up to our friends.

These are the traits that make us Capricorns. If your loved one is a Capricorn, and you don't like the negative traits you've read hear, remember that your significant other has a lot of good traits too.

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Believe it or not, the great Filipino recipes and dishes created by the best catering in Manila or even the ones made by your mom are heavily influenced by foreigners! You shouldn’t wonder why; even before Western colonization, the Philippines have been trading with other Asian countries like China, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Long before the first Catholic missionary stepped foot on the archipelago, parts of it were already practicing Islam alongside other native religions. Below are just some of the foreign countries, culture and religion that have left a long-lasting effect on the dishes we eat. Continue Reading

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